Friday, August 9, 2013

Video to watch! Murray Perahia: Not of this World

Here's a quick link to a pretty cool German-produced video of Murray Perahia. He is one of the top pianists in the world and just amazing to listen to.  It's such an experience for our aspiring musicians to actually see and listen to world-class musicians. I bet many of you have seen what a professional athlete looks like.....have you ever seen a professional pianist in action? For $6, you can access the video for 48 hours. Might be a fun "movie night" or rainy day activity!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Watch your favorite "Piano Adventures" piece on Youtube

Thanks to the Anderson's for this great tip:

Not feeling quite like practicing yet today?  How about some computer time! I bet by the time you get done watching a few of these great videos, your fingers will be itching to tickle those keys. Sometimes it just helps to hear or see someone else play your next lesson assignment piece.  Of course, this isn't a compromise to reading the notes, which I still want you to do! But music is listening. And listening is a skill that can be sharpened!

Check out Marc Mangino's youtube page. He is a wonderful teacher and has gone through just about every song in the Piano Adventures lesson books. In these videos he tells you about common pitfalls, what to listen for and plays the piece with a sensitive technique.  This is a great encouragement for those times when you might feel stuck, frustrated, or just plain unmotivated to practice.

I'd love to do this too at some point....very cool project!